URL Tracker Instructions

Thank you for subscribing to FB Group Tracker.

You will need to use the same email to login into the chrome extension that was used for payment.

You will also use the password FbTrackerPro


You can download the chrome extension from following link (Chrome Store)

Download Extension

This will open the extension on your browser. To save it to your browser, click the favicon that looks like a puzzle piece and scroll until you see FB Group Tracker. You can “pin it” to your browser bar.

LOG IN by clicking on the URL Tracker favicon, enter your email address, click Continue and enter your password “FbTrackerPro”. You will need to use the same email used during purchase.

Once you’re logged in, you can start saving your url links. You can also customize the name of the url.

If you want save several website links, YouTube videos, news articles on a specific subject, you could add that to the beginning of the url name. Example: Marketing – Actual Name of Link

And everything with the word “Marketing” will come up in the SEARCH HERE box.

You can keep all of your url’s in the SEARCH HERE dropdown box AND you can push the data to a google sheet.

Click on the SETTINGS Tab to add your Google Sheet. You can use the template below.

CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE GOOGLE SHEETThis is a template – Make sure you Save As for yourself.

GOOGLE API – Because I have shared a Google Sheet with you, Google wants you to understand that any info entered onto that sheet can be shared with others. Because you have MADE A COPY, no data will be shared unless you share it, but Google API still needs you to confirm you understand.

***You may receive a screen that shows ADVANCED – click if to proceed. Once you click ADVANCED, the Approval Screen may pop up separately in your task bar.

You may have to allow Google permission the first time you add your Google Sheet.


If you don’t see these screens, make sure you minimize everything so you’re not bypassing this. Once you tell Google you’re approving, you wont have to do this again.

Copy and Paste the link of YOUR Google Sheet into the URL Tracker

*** Google may require you to approve the google sheet. If it does, click ADVANCED and approve.

(Once you click ADVANCED, the Approval Screen may pop up separately in your task bar.)

You can PUSH and PULL data to and from a google sheet

PULL – If you have data on a current google sheet that you would like to import into the Search Here Box, have the google sheet open, connect that google sheet and then click PULL. Everything will be brought into your dashboard.

PUSH – As you save your url’s, you can push them to you google sheet. Everything will stay in the dashboard but as you add new url’s, anything not previously “pushed” will be sent to your google sheet.

Use the SEARCH HERE box to find things as you save them 🙂

If you have any questions, you can contact me at: [email protected]