FB Group Tracker Instructions

Thank you for subscribing to FB Group Tracker. You will need to use the same email to login into the chrome extension that was used for payment.

This email does not have have to be the email you use with FB. You will also use the password FbTrackerPro.

Here’s a quick video on how to install FB Group Tracker. You can follow along with the video and instructions below.


GOOGLE API – Because I have shared a Google Sheet with you, Google wants you to understand that any info entered onto that sheet can be shared with others. Because you have MADE A COPY, no data will be shared unless you share it, but Google API still needs you to confirm you understand. There will be instructions further down on how to approve.


You can download the chrome extension from following link (Chrome Store).

Download Extension

This will open the extension on your browser. To save it to your browser, click the favicon that looks like a puzzle piece and scroll until you see FB Group Tracker. You can “pin it” to your browser bar.

LOG IN by clicking on the FB Group Tracker favicon, enter your email address, click CONTINUE and enter your password “FbTrackerPro”. You will need to use the same email used during purchase.

Now open FB and go to your FB Group. Now you are ready to attach the extension to your FB group. Click on “Settings” and REFREASH THE PAGE and your group should be added (check the drop down if you don’t see it).

Now you can go to your Facebook group’s Member Request’s.

REFRESH THE PAGE and then you will see an option to add your Google sheet to this specific group. Click the link below to open the TEMPLATE, make sure to SAVE AS to create your own spreadsheet.


Now, you can copy and paste YOUR Google Sheet into the FB Group Tracker Dashboard.

*** If you have more than one FB Group, you will need to go to each FB Group and add a google sheet. You will see each group in the drop down.

After you paste your own Google sheet’s url into the FB Member field (see below), a Google consent screen will be prompted asking to grant access to edit your Google sheet, which you will have to grant in order for the extension to work.

***You may receive a screen that shows ADVANCED – click if to proceed. Once you click ADVANCED, the Approval Screen may pop up separately in your task bar.

You may have to allow Google permission the first time you add your Google Sheet.


***You can go back to FB and can continue with the next steps.

After these steps are performed successfully, each member you approve in any specific group will go into a data table, which can be seen using the “View Data” button on chrome extension panel.

View Data will open the following tab with the option to Push Data to your Google sheet, Clear Data, Download to csv, Open Google sheet and automation buttons.

Make sure you REFRESH your FB page before “pushing the data”.

You can see the Settings tab on chrome extension panel which give you option to activate the decline feature which will record declined members in your Google sheet and data table as well, it also contains a drop down of all the groups where the Google sheet has been attached (see arrow down).

You can see the Message tab on chrome extension panel which give you option to customize your Welcome Message for each FB Group. The [First Name] placeholder will push each members name into their Welcome Message. You can remove the [Last Name] if you choose. The [group name] will push the name of the group they joined.

You can change the body of the Welcome Message and then click SAVE. If you want each member approved to join to receive a Welcome Message, you can change the Send Message Every and Max Message Send #.

Example: Send every ___ is the amount of time between approving the member and them receiving the message

Example: Max message send ___ is the amount of messages sent. I do not recommend approving more than 5-10 members at a time. If I were approving up to 5 members each time, I would change the max number to 5.

You can change your Welcome Message to send them to your Website, Book Here Page, Brochure, Calendar Invite, Special Offer, etc. Just make sure the “FB Group” is selected and you SAVE each time.

If you would like to AUTOMATE your members, you can do that in the Data Table. Click on AUTOMATE (see below). In order for new entries to be pushed to the Google Sheet automatically, you will need to set the timer for 15+ minutes. This will allow their Welcome Message to go first and then be pushed to the Google Sheet.


******  If your computer has been inactive and you do not see your Google Spreadsheet link at the top of your FB Members Request Page, just click the FB Tracker favicon to refresh or click F5 to refresh.

******If the Google Sheet still does not show up, close out of FB, open again and come back to your Member Request area and click F5 to refresh and you should see your Google Sheet at the top of the page. Make sure you are not logged out of FB Group Tracker.

******The Google Sheet needs to be present in order for the data to push.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at: [email protected]